With great power comes great responsibility, and your decisions will shape the future of your board or association.  And your decisions as a director, and the actions of your board or association, involve a host of legal issues that may result in liability. Your association can get sued as a result of your conduct. But even more frightening, so can you!

Virtually every process, no matter how small and insignificant, carries with it responsibilities and, if done improperly, consequences.  As soon as you sit down at the director table, you have all the same duties, responsibilities and liabilities as a director of Microsoft - without the pay.

You need to protect your association and yourself by understanding some of the basic duties and obligations of directors such as: the powers of a board of directors, the importance of your fiduciary duties, the joys of competition compliance, and the need to pay attention to how you make decisions.  Join the lawyers from CREA’s legal department as they take you on a thoroughly entertaining (yet depressingly thorough) tour of some of the main areas of legal concern for directors. 



Bill Harrington, General Counsel, oversees CREA’s legal department, which provides legal advice to Boards and Associations on a wide range of issues, including intellectual property, REALTOR® Code issues, interpretation of CREA’s Bylaws, Rules, and policies, and issues involving federal legislation. Our legal department also supports the Executive Office and the Board of Directors. No wonder Bill refers to CREA’s in-house counsel as the “Swiss Army knife of lawyers.” Celebrating his 20th year at CREA, Bill has seen it all and enjoys the variety and unpredictability of legal issues that come up. Interesting fact: To call Bill a fan of “The Who” is a bit of an understatement – he has seen them in concert 28 times!




Paul Feuer is Senior Competition Counsel for CREA, and has a wealth of experience in competition and corporate law with the Canadian Competition Bureau, the European Union’s competition authority in Brussels, Belgium, in Toronto as competition counsel at a major national law firm, and at a major international corporation.

 Paul takes the lead on competition and consumer protection law and policy advice to CREA and its member boards and associations.  He provides guidance on programs, policies and activities, and also provides riveting presentations and courses on competition compliance to REALTORS®, boards and associations to help ensure that CREA’s members know how to stay on the right side of the law. 

Paul is a member of the Competition Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association and the Law Society of Upper Canada.