The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) is the professional association for more than 22,000 REALTORS® in BC, focusing on provincial issues that impact real estate. Working with the province’s 11 real estate boards, BCREA provides continuing professional education, advocacy, economic research and standard forms to help REALTORS® provide value for their clients.
To demonstrate the profession's commitment to improving Quality of Life in BC communities, BCREA supports policies that help ensure economic vitality, provide housing opportunities, preserve the environment, protect property owners and build better communities with good schools and safe neighbourhoods.


In Canada, REALTORS® are represented at three levels:

  • Locally by their Board/Association
  • Provincially by their provincial Association (2017 AREA Annual Report, Strategic Plan)
  • Federally by the Canadian Real Estate Association

Each of these three levels of organized real estate cooperate to provide comprehensive services that support REALTORS®.

As the professional provincial body, the Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA) represents the interests and concerns of more than 10,000 Alberta REALTORS®, from the 10 local real estate Board/Associations. We provide strategic leadership and advance the Alberta real estate profession through member-centric services, advocacy and professional development. Their work focuses on three high-value areas for REALTORS® across Alberta:

  • Advocacy
  • Professional Development
  • Member Services


The Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS® is the primary advocate for the REALTOR® community in Saskatchewan. As a not-for-profit organization, it provides direction, leadership, and support services to its members, the industry, and the public. Approximately 88 percent of all registrants in the province have chosen to be members of the ASR. Established in 1949, several real estate brokers felt that, if they formed an association, it would help the industry become more professional and establish a voice for real estate across the province. They felt they could assist with the formation of boards and make recommendations to the Government of Saskatchewan concerning a real estate licensing act.
Since then, through effective communication and quality education, the ASR has striven to ensure a healthy real estate environment that increases the quality of life in our communities. Real estate is at the core of our economy and advocating for a strategic sustainable approach ensures continued prosperity in Saskatchewan.


We use our expertise to build, empower and uphold a trusted and sustainable real estate profession to ensure Manitobans value the role that REALTORS® have in building stronger communities and helping them through the most financially impactful decisions of their lives. We lead with integrity and research drives our innovative work.
We Represent
2100+ Manitoba real estate professionals
Our Work

  • We research issues and foster collaborative relationships with political officials to advocate for solutions that benefit property owners, buyers, and REALTORS®.
  • We foster relationships with local businesses and the international REALTOR® community to showcase Manitoba as a viable and thriving economic market for investment which supports a balanced and sustainable real estate market.
  • Protect consumers involved in real estate transactions
  • Provide advice to the public if they have concerns about the service their real estate professional may have provided
  • We provide a reimbursement fund to protect the public as an affordable alternative for members to satisfy their bonding requirement.
  • We safeguard our members with errors and omissions insurance through the Real Estate Insurance Alliance of Canada Inc.
  • In partnership with our REALTOR® members, we develop, support, and promote shelter initiatives that improve the lives of all Manitobans.
  • Our regulatory and industry experts provide innovative education and licensing programs to help registrants succeed at all stages of their real estate careers.
  • We facilitate a confidential public complaint process to resolve issues.
  • We help REALTORS® navigate legislation, regulations and The REALTOR® Code. We answer questions and provide information to support REALTORS® through challenging situations.

What CREA Does CREA works on behalf of the public and its REALTOR® members. To do so, it:

  • Represents the interests of its members to the federal government and its agencies on existing or proposed legislation that will affect those members, and/or impact homeownership.
  • Assists our REALTOR® members to better serve their clients by providing quality technology products including REALTOR.ca, WEBforms® and DDF®.
  • Enhances member professionalism and ethics by providing national standards, including establishment of symbols of quality associated with using CREA brands and trademarks. Protects and promotes the two primary national CREA trademarks, MLS® and REALTOR®.
  • Produces accurate, up-to-date information and analysis on economic issues.

Organized real estate in Canada operates at three different levels. The real estate board generally operates at a local level. Provincial and territorial associations represent their province or territory and CREA represents the industry nationally and internationally.