Going After The Thing You Want in Life

Collaboration is the New Competition - The creativity of the “craft beer industry” spans way beyond the hoppy sensations, citrusy aromas, and witty branding. It’s time for the rest of the world to see how Alberta Craft Beer is leading the way with Entrepreneurial “COLLABORATION INNOVATION!!” Tool Shed brewing company has been disrupting this industry in many ways in the few short years they’ve been around. Their stories of how they continue to do it will inspire ANYONE who attends to do the same! 



Graham Sherman and his business partner, Jeff Orr, are two “high level geeks” who met in Afghanistan in 2007. At that time they were working on contracts for the Canadian and US government and military, installing encrypted, tactical communication networks.

 By day, they rolled around the war zone in armoured vehicles, geeking out in the world of satellite communications. By night, they aimed their obsessive, high level geekery at mastering coffee, competitive BBQ, controlling their respective homes back in Calgary with their iPhones….and finally, with mastering the craft of brewing artisan beer.

 Now, only four years after the very first batched brewed in Graham’s backyard, Tool Shed Brewing Company has a new 15,000 square foot home in Calgary with beers being sold in over 1000 locations across Western Canada, and has been nominated as Canadian Entrepreneur of the year. The team were also named as co-winners of the “40 Under 40” recognition from Avenue magazine.  

Graham and Jeff’s meteoric rise in the beer industry is due to a level of authentic, infectious passion rarely witnessed in any industry combined with an incredibly unique approach to the social media world we live in.

 The moment you hear their story you understand that simply drinking a Tool Shed beer represents an appreciation of the grassroots struggle of quitting your job and going after your dreams AT ALL COSTS!