Video has quickly become a necessity for marketing listings, promoting yourself and highlighting your communities.

This session will be packed with ideas on how to get quickly up to speed and how to make your videos stand out in a crowded market without breaking the bank. Michael, Jenn and Ryan were all recognized as top video influencers for 2018 by and have real world experience in implementing video into their real estate practices.


Jenn Shields.jpg

Jenn has been connecting with people through Real Estate since 2012 following a successful career as a physiotherapist, then stay at home mother to Ryan and Jenn’s three boys. Jenn has a very special gift of connecting with all her clients and making them feel safe and comfortable with her instantly. One of the primary ways Jenn has been able to connect so quickly with clients is through the use of video. For Jenn video allows her to connect with emotions rather than just text. Bombbomb video email has been a catalyst for Jenn when communicating through out her relationship with clients, friends and community members. Jenn’s personality really shines through while she is promoting her listings through video, she can be found dancing, swimming or relaxing in the comfort of her listings, all in an effort to tell the story of the home. She was noticed for her unique style of showing homes by Tom Ferry and Bombbomb in the 2017 edition of the video influencers guide when they named her to the top 10 list for listing videos. Jenn continues to share her passion of connecting with people through video and real estate daily.



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Ryan began his career in Real Estate 9 years ago with Century21 in Brandon Manitoba, and is now with Royal Lepage Martin Liberty Realty in Brandon. Ryan has seen success since the beginning of his journey in real estate, a huge driver of his success was the ability to set himself apart from other realtors through the use of video. In 2015 Ryan and Jenn launched their first “30 in 30” video series highlighting their favourite spots around Brandon. In 30 days the videos received 60,000 organic views and created amazing recognition throughout the community. Also in 2015, Ryan was named as one of the Young Guns in Real Estate by REP magazine. Ryan believes in the power of video, and the ability to connect with people using video whole heartedly. Ryan and Jenn have reshaped their entire business to focus entirely on building marketing utilizing video, to connect with clients, and the community. In 2017 Ryan was named a Real Estate Video Influencer in the inaugural edition of BombBomb’s video influencer guide. Ryan was in the top 10 for the community videos category.



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Michael is a real estate veteran. After getting his real estate license at the young age of 19, he spent two decades building a successful business with partners Jorda Maisey and Trisha Bongers blocks from where he grew up. For Michael, real estate has always been about being an ambassador for the community that shaped him.

In 2011 – 20 years into his real estate career – Michael set out to challenge himself. Having never made a video before, he recorded 30 videos in 30 days. The results were instantaneous and undeniable. Not only did his clients’ listings outperform others in the market, but he could also no longer go shopping at the local grocery store without being stopped. Michael told (and continues to tell) stories of his community with a passion and conviction that make others want to make North Langley home too.