Reputation, trust and ethics are more important than for REALTORS® in building relationships with Canadians. In a world where we all have global publishing power in our pockets, every mistake, real or imagined, true or false, can be instantly magnified like never before. For businesspeople, reputation can mean the difference between profit and loss, or success and failure.

Daniel Tisch, CEO of Argyle Public Relationships, has worked with leaders at the most senior levels of government and business. An expert on reputation, Dan was involved in a 2018 study by the Reputation Institute that revealed the most significant drop in the reputation of business since the global financial crisis. The data – and Dan’s presentation – show that Canadians increasingly want to work with someone they can trust, who puts people above profit, and is, above all, highly ethical.

For REALTORS® this is both a challenge and an opportunity. With careers built on relationships with clients and communities, they instinctively understand the value of reputation, and how improving it can lead to stronger business results.

This session will explore the link between ethics, reputation and career success. It will offer practical insight into how REALTORS® can understand and manage reputation risk, and use social media, branding, and community leadership to build trust, enhance their reputations and expand their businesses.



Dan is one of Canada’s best-known communicators, having worked at senior levels in government before embarking on a 20-year consulting career during which he has advised CEOs, boards, government leaders and marketers for some of the world’s leading brands. A fellow of he Canadian Public Relations Society with more than 150 professional awards, Dan chaired the PR industry’s global professional confederation from 2011 to 2013. As Argyle’s CEO since 2003, Dan brings energy, integrity and insight to every professional relationship.